RFID presentation key box


Emira Aficionado
Jul 21, 2021
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Derbyshire UK
Just in case anyone doesn't get the memo.

Especially pertinent for those based in the UK and West Midlands!

I always had my suspicions given it was plastic with a foam base.

Seems a pretty basic one to get wrong.
does anybody know if these boxes will also come with US cars?
Surely making it RFID is just a case of lining it with the correct material. Might just do that myself
I might be miles off here but is this an issue when the doors do not unlock? The key fob is not a proximity sensor. The button needs to be pressed to unlock the doors. Yes, the engine could be started by proximity but you'd need to be in the car first.

Pretty poor yes to say it was RFID when its made of plastic and soft foam but I suspected when mine arrived that it wasn't. I still use it for storage, even though I know its just an ornament!

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