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Never will sell that car

I've had my Emira about 7 weeks so far. Broken in, one rough start, and the gearbox, engine and stereo (!) are bedding in well.

I've never had a sports car this nice. I had three Miatas and an RX8, and before that a couple of Integras.

I loved it at first and couldn't believe it was real. I also (still) can't believe how much attention it gets. I told my partner we bought a sculpture we can drive places. It's that attractive.

I think I love it more now. It still makes me laugh out loud, and it's perfectly fun in second in town. I'd never get a Porsche -- I just don't like them, and I find their pricing deeply annoying. Beyond that (and the likely phase-outs of manuals) you simply can't get anything this close to a modern Dino or NSX Gen 1 anymore.
The problem with lotus is at least 2 fold.

One is that they have a reputation to overcome. So people are looking for problems that confirm the stereotype. Porsche and lambos benefited greatly from association with larger auto groups. Lotus is beginning to experience this with the geely connection but it’s early days.

Second is that they are indeed for the drivers and frankly there aren’t that many of those drivers still around. There is no question that people will look back at this car as a Highmark of a bygone era. Those “drivers” and I don’t mean that in an elitist way value so much what the emira offers that they forgive some of its faults.

Many journalists are indeed not true enthusiasts anymore. They simply contribute to the number chasing masses. Still glad they built the emira. It will never be a popular car but there will be more YouTube videos about it 10-15 years from now.

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