Is the Design as good as it could be?


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Apr 18, 2022
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maybe someone has already posted this video? I saw it several months ago and found it very interesting and I personally agree with him on just about everything, especially the FE badge which is in my opinion is a wasted opportunity to make the car look special, or more special than the standard one. Ignoring the fact that it was never a limited run in reality, if not, lets see how many FE orders we get...suck it and see approach, which wont help values.
Seeing how the FE badge doesn't even fit in the space where it goes, I think it looks better without it, or with a well designed LOYUS badge there instead as he suggests.
This guy is a very well known designer who did the first BMW mini, important cars at Ferrari and else where. Without being insulting, he has a much better resume than most designers out there and has many interesting videos if you are interested.

I like the emira design, but it could be better as all designs could be, but some very simple things in this case were perhaps left wanting..... Still I am happy, just thought I would share it for those who are interested and haven't seen it.

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