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❓ QUESTION idle rev limiter and speed restrictor


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Jan 7, 2022
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Richmond, Yorkshire Dales
hopefully a silly Q but a friend has informed the latest porsche and regs mandate idle rev limitations for noise and speed restriction devices fitted.

Is anyone else aware of big brother government policing?

There's a requirement for speed limiters to be fitted for cars gaining type approval after a date later this year (May or June I think), but the Emira will have type approval before then and hence doesn't have to comply.

It's also linked in with the situation with ADAS, which has been confusing, so searches on ADAS will also turn up previous threads. There will be no ADAS on the V6 First Edition but probably on the i4 First Edition and as an option on Base Editions.

The Head of Emira ADAS at Lotus gave this response when asked about the speed limiter element of ADAS and upcoming UK legislation, in the context of ADAS not being included for the V6 FE:

The Speed Limiter, fitted as standard that comes with Cruise Control (also fitted as standard) is the traditional Speed Limiter and it is not the one required by the Regulation (EU) 2019/2144. With this you can set an upper speed limit for when driving through roadworks etc.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) will be offered as option in the vehicle lifetime and include features such as: Adaptive Cruise Control, Anti-Collision System, Fatigue Alert, Road Sign Information, Adaptive Speed Limiter, Lane Departure Warning, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Lane Change Assist.

I'm not aware of legislation on idle rev limits. I don't think there are any limits on the Emira and the exhaust valving is set up to meet current noise regulations.

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