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Jul 31, 2021
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Teesside, UK
Any thoughts about the HOMELINK?
I have never had it, but was thinking of adding it to open the garage door, but for £200 :unsure:
Does it connect to a Hive system or Alexa etc?
Just about every mid-high end car in Canada has it. It's just 3 garage door buttons built into the car car. Looks better than the ones that come with your garage door opener :)
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Yea, nice to have to avoid having the garage door opener clipped to the sun visor. I got lazy and didn't program it in my van for a year after I bought it, so it's definitely not a must-have, but it sure is convenient...
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I love having it, particularly in the cold. I used to live in Utah so on some days it was a godsend. Not like one can’t live without it, but sure is nice when snow and rain occur.
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