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Hi from Scotland


Sep 28, 2021
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Hi all. Currently got a Elise which will sadly be making way for the Emira. Definitely V6 manual for me as it’s a weekend toy but unsure of what colour. '
Hi there and welcome.

I usually don’t join forums but this one seems to be really active with some informative posts and welcoming folks, so great to have another member.

Like yourself I’m agonising over the colour, so I’m really looking forward to seeing the dealer swatches.

By the way, given there’s no plans to take the roof off the Emira could you justify having both in the garage ;)?
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I wish I could keep both. Sadly the wife and bank manager would have different ideas😂.

A targa emira would be my choice😍 if only. Currently thinking green and tan leather but I will see after seeing the swatches in person next month. As always the lotus owners seem a friendly bunch.

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