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Hello from Belgium


Dec 30, 2021
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Hi all

So we are also anxious to order our Emira!
Went to the dealer road show and although there was already no doubt, seeing the car in the flesh completely convinced us.
We would go for 3.5 V6 with manual transmission, as one of the last "reasonably affordable" cars we can buy before we are forced electric by the government.
And as it is a Lexus engine... makes the car fit with the rest of our cars (which at the moment, are all Japanese 🎎)
- Toyota Hilux current generation (best car in the world)
- Toyota GR Yaris
- Toyota MR 1st generation
- Toyota CHR
- Mazda MX5 current generation
So clearly, there is no other choice than the V6 :)

Not so interested in FE as it comes with many options we do not need
Basically, we just need the engine, the transmission and ideally heated seats and an alcantara steering wheel....all the rest is just additional profit for Lotus 😄

So looking forward to find out as much as possible over here
The dealer will contact us in April to test drive the Emira, and after that I hope we can already place an order (if prices are known by then)

Greetings from Belgium
Welcome and that's quite a Japanese collection! You'll have plenty of choice on driving fun with those while waiting for your Emira.

Is your dealer taking deposits for Base Edition cars yet? I think I'd be putting a refundable deposit down now rather than waiting for April, as the waiting list will grow significantly once press reviews and test drives are available.
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Yes, he mentioned the refundable deposits, but we are not in desperate need of having the car immediately, so waiting time is not so much of an issue.
Welcome aboard.

Good to see another GR Yaris owner taking the plunge, so not surprised that you have opted for the V6 manual. (y)
Welcome to the forum @berengun 🍻
Aside from the car itself, it's pretty cool that the fan base is so international in representation. Check the roster of New member introductions. It's adding to the experience for sure.
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