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Emira Downforce

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Oct 14, 2021
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At my roadshow event the speaker went into some detail about the increased downforce this car makes, yet in the technical info it says 55kg at 120mph I asked if this was an extra 55kg over the last model and he said it was, but the evora 430 made more than that with no rear wing,so what is the downfore figure and how much at top speed, the gt4 has 122kg at top speed so what is it?
Anybody know the answer another area that doesn't seem to be clear.
I don't see how it makes any sense to publish a downforce spec that is an increase over some other model without telling us how much overall downforce there is. It's more likely that 55kg is the total downforce and the rep didn't understand the question and just said "yes" because that sounds better than saying "no".
It's almost certainly 55kg total downforce. It's quite hard to find comparative figures online for the Emira's closest competitors, but the Cayman GT4 figure at top speed, with a rear wing, appears to be correct.

A Ferrari 488 GTB generates 205kg of downforce at 200kph (124mph) rising to 325kg at 155mph with no rear wing which certainly contributes to its awesome cornering capability.
How does the fact that the car breaths through the hood impact this? The only reason you need downforce is to counter lift (Not totally but I think you understand my point). If the car isn't lifting as much because air is flowing through it then isn't it harder to compare to other models. It seems like another spec is needed to completely understand the potential.
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I suppose 55kg of downforce with no rear wing and front splitter or active aero like the 488 is a decent amount. The evora 430 sport produces 100kg at top speed so what is it at 120 mph.

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