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Emira Fiend
Aug 7, 2021
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People by cars like these for many reasons. I am wondering what people think about which version of Emira will be more collectible The v6 manual? The I4 DCT? Will first editions matter in the end or will collectors be more inclined toward a fully loaded car with every conceivable option? Or a stripped down version with the BBC are essentials? What about special or limited versions like the GT4 etc.? Curious to hear people’s thoughts.
Look at collectors of other cars - when it is a mass production car, an early example is sought after. But if it is limited production, people seek out what they regard as the most iconic version, which is not necessarily the first year or the last.

Knowing the FE will not be the hottest version, it will likely not be the most collectible. Some later updated V6 manual should be more desirable to future buyers.