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Anyone having trunk issues?

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So I’ve tried all suggestions and the best method I’ve found so far is to slam the trunk down hard….

At first that worked as the trunk light went away but has come back with a vengeance. Even though the trunk is closed, in the middle of the night the alarm goes off because the car thinks it's open. This and the latch itself is starting to not unlock when I press the key fob.

My dealer has told me they have ordered a new latch, but while we wait for the new latch to arrive, does anyone know if there a temp fix for disabling the trunk sensor? Maybe disconnecting a connector or a fuse? I really don’t want the cars alarm to go off and I don’t want to disconnect the battery or leave the car unarmed.
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An update here. Turns out I’m not an idiot and the latch was finicky per the dealer. The latch has been replaced and the opening/closing the trunk is night and day. Feels good to know that I have access to the trunk, ha!