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❓ QUESTION 12v socket location?


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Jul 31, 2021
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Been to event at Hethel today and couldn't see 12v socket and forgot to ask - any idea if it has one and where it is? just in case decided to have dashcam etc
I know there is one, as it's listed in the V6 FE specification document. I thought it was below and in front of the gear shift but looking at this and other photos that looks like a USB socket (which if it's powered may be suitable for your dashcam).


It's in that location in my Evora, plus I also have one at the back of the armrest. So it may be there on the Emira too.

I know the other USB connectors are inside the armrest.

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Yes found 2 x USB in arm rest and it was just a USB below the gear shift in the demo car
I've never plugged in a dashcam. Always hard wired it in so it cannot get disconnected by mistake. Murphy's law states it will always be powered until you want to retrieve some video and it will be disconnected 1 minute prior.....

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