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    Itchy feet with the delays - Show me yours

    Picked up a 30th Anniversary Mx5 / Miata on Friday, should see me through summer. Lowered on Eiback springs and a Bastuck exhaust from the factory, otherwise stock. I name all my cars, she's called Tangerine and is a lot of fun!
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    First stirrings of deliveries

    I'm buying something else - the Emira will come when it comes, I've quit trying to make plans around 'delivery dates'.
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    Information and China - Geely and spyware? What's the chances it does not report?

    Mass surveillance is already a thing, and China, though more invasive, pervasive and less clandestine about it certainly does not have a monopoly.
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    Front cover (Car UK 09/03/22)

    The Dino is so beautiful despite the wheel gap and ride height!
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    Henry Catchpole - Carfection review

    Henry confirms the review is coming...
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    Henry Catchpole - Carfection review

    I've rocked up at quite a few chargers (non-Tesla) and found them to be broken. I've downloaded apps and paid for charging only to find the charger is not working properly with the app. I've charged up at a Shell garage and it just charges me a flat £20 regardless of how long I'm charging. The...
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    The black engine cover looks light grey, there's a lot of top lighting in that studio.
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    Behind the scenes of the Evija advert

    Intriguing manufacturing process, may be they're doing this on the Emira too and have just realised it doesn't scale well.
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    Morgan can't keep their website online

    Good look - I did a trip to desert outside Dubai in an open top 1950's Defender a few years back. Was the most amazing experience. Flat cap and browning would have rounded it off nicely, alas wasn't possible at the time.
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    Itchy feet with the delays - Show me yours

    expensive on parts though should anything go wrong in typical JLR fashion
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    Morgan can't keep their website online

    Specifically the 3, since like a Caterham ownership does not appeal to everyone, but a lot of people would like to have one for a few days
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    Factory Tour - Production watch!

    where's the wheel gap gone, I want it back
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    Is This For Real? BMW Charging to use heated seats?

    We are moving into a future in which we will own nothing. Already if you live in the UK technically you don't ultimately own your house or land or even company. It belongs to the crown. A person who owns nothing and lives on subscriptions via a now purely digital currency can be switched off by...
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    Morgan can't keep their website online

    Always loved the idea of a 3, have configured a few for kicks in the past. Also thought to buy a few and start a rental company...until I wake up from my mid-day snooze and get back to work.
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    a car 'For the gap', inviting suggestions

    had my eye on 2 Mx-5s, but waiting for my covid to clear both have gone! ...lying in wait for the right one to come up