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$1149$ Oil change price

To my shock, my car recently was towed from KC to St. Louis for issues related to the car not starting consistently. It keep getting worse and finally throwing a code I shipped it to Holman Lotus. Since it was already there I decided to have the oil flushed. So I asked my service advisor to give me a price quote. To my shock I thought she had put an extra 1 in front of the 1149. I reminded her that this was a Toyota engine not Ferrari, but she clearly stated that she was correct and they charge 300hr.

Has anyone else experienced this price for an oil change?? How would it take 3 hours to perform an oil change? Considering I live in KC and the dealership is 3hrs away I have no intention to take it back there for the yearly scheduled service with 300hr. Will it effect my warranty if I do my oil changes myself.
Maybe a high quality independent mechanic would make more sense than a Toyota dealer? The engine isn't anything that requires a "Toyota expert" and I'd rather have the underfloor trays, etc, removed and installed by someone who cares, not a junior mechanic at a Toyota dealership.
I would agree as well. Issue is finding an Indy mechanic where I live. I still have plenty of time. I’d much rather have someone that’s worked on it if possible. Just looking at all possibilities

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