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  1. Eagle7

    Sold out in 12 hours

    Interesting article about the last Chrysler 300C:
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    Emira weight saving

    REMEMBER... if you decide to do something like this, it's going to put out more heat, so you're going to have to improve the engine cooling. Pay attention to the engine compartment temperatures including the exhaust and catalytic convertor temps. You'll also probably need to replace the...
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    The peasants are out of control

    Here we see the height of hypocrisy, as the self-appointed 'elites' fly around in their private jets, and take vacations on their private diesel powered yachts, and have multiple residences in multiple countries; some even have multiple in the same country, and they say we the peasants are the...
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    Is This For Real? BMW Charging to use heated seats?

    If this is for real, this is insane! If this is a taste of the electric future, they can keep it.
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    Climate Change

    Not necessarily in this case, because the cost of batteries is really going up fast, with no indication that they're going down due to the rapidly rising cost of their materials, in particular lithium which has already seen a price increase of 470% in the last year. There's also the cost of...
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    Gran Turismo 7

    Is anybody playing Gran Turismo 7? I've got it on my PS5, and while it looks good, some of the physics are seriously frustrating. I spent most of the day yesterday, getting my International B license. I got all gold on all the tests, but it was a ridiculous pain to do so. The brakes don't...
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    Interesting Article on the Cost of the Electric Future

    Here's an interesting article that discusses the cost of the electric future, and how states in the U.S. are planning on adding taxes and fees to make up for the loss of revenue from reduced gas sales...
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    Interesting info on Lotus and KEF

    This is an interesting article on the KEF systems that will be used in the Emira and the Eletre. The Eletre system is bonkers.
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    Complaints About Lotus

    Instead of having complaints all over the place, I'm starting this thread so they can be focused and all in one place. I'm going to do 2 things; One, I won't post anything in here, so everyone who wants to, can complain to their heart's content. Two, I won't even read this thread. I'll stay...
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    i4 FE is up on the U.S. configurator

    Price for the i4 FE is $85,900 and all the steering wheel options are available. Base edition info is up too.
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    With Regards to Politics

    With regards to politics, would an exception be made for context, where government and/or politics might have an effect on Lotus, or the automotive industry in general? Since our electric future is being mandated by governments, which of course is politics, as we move towards that future I...
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    Meridian Blue

    Meridian Blue appears to be a VERY dark blue! Almost like the dark blue version of Dark Verdant.
  13. Eagle7

    Front Bumper License Plate Mount Yes or No

    I personally don't want Lotus drilling holes in the front bumper for the front license plate mount. I would rather they just include the bracket and let me decide whether to install it or not. Not all states in the U.S. require a front plate.
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    New Article on the Emira

    Here's a great article from Autocar in the U.K. about the Emira.
  15. Eagle7

    Original Lotus Colors

    Having spent some time creating replicas of the FE colors for the 3D Emira model, I noticed there was a familiarity. It was Magma that did it. I had a 1972 Europa twincam in Regency Red, and Magma Red reminds me a lot of that color. I remember first seeing a Europa in French Blue way back...
  16. Eagle7

    Colors other than FE colors

    Many people have asked to see colors other than the standard FE colors, so here's a sample of different colors, from regular enamels to exotic metallics. Standard black Standard soft white British Racing Green Bright Green Sky Blue Metallic Dark Royal Blue Navy Blue Sapphire Blue...
  17. Eagle7

    All Paint/Interior Color Combos

    Here's every paint color in each of the 5 color combos. There's only one for Alcantara since I don't have the ability to add color stitching on the model, but you can tell the difference between black leather and Alcantara. These include all the combos, including the ones "NR" (Not...
  18. Eagle7

    Paint colors and other ideas

    The Alternate Configurator thread was getting a bit messy with things other than the FE configurator options, so I'm starting this thread for everything else. This will be for any color, paint or theme idea that's not part of the FE configurator. This is where we can guess at what the other 7...
  19. Eagle7

    Alternate configurator renders of the other 4 FE colors

    After being frustrated with the lack of accuracy and/or realism with the official configurator, I decided to buy a 3D model of the Emira and come up with my own. These are my 4 best guesses for Magma Red, Hethel Yellow, Dark Verdant and Nimbus Grey. Nimbus is the one I've been having the most...