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    Let's start a fight, shall we?!

    This guy claims to own a Porsche GT4, and is comparing a late model EVORA GT. Make your own assumptions on how the EMIRA will compare, but I found this a good emotive review on how they stack up. I had a 2008 911 S, and was BLOWN AWAY at how much better the early generation Evora was so I put my...
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    Tesla Jumping - Monday Morning Fun!

    This video isn't EMIRA related, but I felt the community here might find this video worthy of a laugh (or cry).
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    Well, it's official! Porsche dumps ICE for Boxster/Cayman

    I think everyone knew this was coming, but I didn't realize it was going to happen this fast! Looks like Porsche is done with ICE on the Boxster/Cayman in 2 years. See: Given how poorly the 4...
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    Just got the call for my US Order!

    Just got the call from my dealer (Las Vegas) that they are ready to take my order. I have a week to finalize my config and then am locked in from that point forward. A little concerned given I didn't love what I saw in the reviews today, but I have a feeling I just have to trust the "Lotus"...
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    U.S. Allocation Update

    Hi Everyone -- I received an email from my dealer last night (Las Vegas Motorcars) stating the following, and I "quote" (1) Lotus Cars Las Vegas will have confirmed allocations numbers by end of January (2) Lotus plans to increase overall production (3) Estimated arrival for the first orders...
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    Tach Lag?

    Does anyone else perceive about a half second delay in the tach response to revs in this video? See at around 5:02
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    Any USA Orders Taken Yet?

    Have any U.S. based depositors been asked or been informed by their dealer or Lotus USA when they will be ready to start configuring orders? I'm #4 on my dealers list, got the confirmation email and reference # some time ago that stated be ready to place your order in the Fall. Well, its fall...