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    Nimbus (Grey?)

    Iv gone for nimbus, black pack, black wheels but with red callipers and red stitch. It’s going to be awesome! Yellow callipers and stitch will also look epic.
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    Lotus 3rd Phone Call

    To be fair I was thinking the same thing whilst I was discussing my options with Lotus. It does seem like the approach was someone with an early deposit had dropped out and my original configuration was the same so they contacted me. In hindsight I would have asked more questions but at the time...
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    Lotus 3rd Phone Call

    I just had a very exciting phone call with Lotus to say that my original 2nd deposit configuration has just become available for June delivery and would I like to accept my original configuration in order to receive the car in June. I had emailed previously to change from black to silver wheels...
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    What engine will you go with Toyota V6 or AMG 4? [poll]

    Exact same spec I went with in November during the second round of deposits in the UK 👌
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    Nimbus Grey Emira Photo Thread

    I went to the Manchester roadshow last night. I can confirm the Nimbus Grey is predominantly silver with slight hint of beige. I really liked the look of it so locked in my final configuration when I arrived home!