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  1. frazzer

    a car 'For the gap', inviting suggestions

    I'm expecting to be told it'll be October at the earliest before my Emira arrvies. Not wanting to waste the little sunshine these isles get I'm thinking to get a gap car, something that will not loose value over 6 months (even with pending rate hikes!) and be fun to drive. It'd be a cash...
  2. frazzer

    Lotus Driving Experience Video

    Nothing too exciting, but hey, it's fresh content
  3. frazzer

    For the Computers

    Looks like Lotus will be using Nvidia's Orin self driving computer sometime in the future.
  4. frazzer

    Mule in London

    Somewhere in London W2, not my video. Don't get too excited it's only a few seconds worth!
  5. frazzer

    Emira overview from World of Cars, Bahrain

    It's in Arabic (I know a bit but I only get 20% of it, Lebanese accent I think), but that exhaust note (3:50) has no language
  6. frazzer

    Confused about steering wheel options

    So the word is Lotus will make the options on the wheel available for V6 manual - read that somewhere and hope it's true. But that still leaves the question why a little strip of tanned leather costs an extra £400?? It's otherwise exactly the same as the black leather wheel included in the base...