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    Shmee First drive video out peeps

    Oooo the review I’ve been waiting for - 25 mins worth Describes it as “a LOT a LOT of car for the money and is definitely a market disrupter “ “Feels very definitively Lotus “ Music to my ears : “it makes you want to just drive it and constantly rev it out and wants to be driven. “ Feels very...
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    Anyone locked 🔒 in ordered wrong colour ?

    Now that we have seen photos of all colours out in wild is anyone that are locked into spec sat thinking oh darn it I have ordered wrong colour 😢 I ordered Nimbus ( did want Magma originally but 💭 would be too dark cherry/ maroon for me ) but now I’m having serious 🧐 doubts that should of just...
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    Still bag on the seats - if Lotus are happy to be puttting these photos on instagram - they do realise this quality is not good enough. I for one will not be accepting my car if it turns up with bagging seats
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    V6 FE drop out to base edition?

    How many are waiting patiently for the base edition? When the base edition configurator becomes available soon - will you be tempted to cost up your desired spec and if you get a substantial saving will you be tempted to wait ? maybe especially to get a different colour ? Wonder if we will see...
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    Email to Lotus customer service Manger - ref colour photos

    As with a lot of us we have been agonising for hours over which colour to choose and there is lots of debate on this subject in the forum For people that will not have the luxury to see cars before locking in order. I am not happy spending such a significant amount £ on second guessing which...
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    Wonder if any cancellations after Test drives ???

    We all know how fabulous the car looks but I still wonder if it will drive as good as it looks. I wonder if there will be any cancellations after test drives. I’ve never owned a Lotus but I know I with cars I have high expectations. I will only be spending £80k if this car puts a big smile on my...
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    Nimbus grey wheel choice ???

    Down to my very last decision which I need to decide wheel choice on nimbus grey. All 3 I’m not immediately drawn to. Black gloss had these on my last car so feel like a change and already starting to feel dated. The diamond cut there’s just something I don’t like not keen on the way the black...
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    Nimbus peeps red or tan leather ????

    Hi for people that have gone with nimbus which way have you gone between the red and tan leather and why. This is my second last decision to make. I quite like the thought of the tan as I’ve never had a car with tan leather before. I had originally chosen the red leather and I would know if I...
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    Black pack decision

    Hi just found this forum and it’s great with lots of detail and debates. I‘m now trying to decide to get black pack or not and is it worth the £1200 . From the obvious black on roof on mirrors. Is there any photos side by side showing what the differences are on the other parts. ( its difficult...