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  1. dgrace

    V6 Rant

    Not for long! The car is so delayed at this point the final V6 order might already be in the queue.
  2. dgrace

    U.S. Update: Allocation & Order Date

    It’s so frustrating. Imagine how much goodwill Lotus could earn by just having a marketing person do a 5 minute Instagram video from the factory floor each week with the latest status. Would cost absolutely nothing, but mean the world to depositors.
  3. dgrace

    Henry Catchpole - Carfection review

    My worry is finding 18’s that will fit around the stock calipers. I notice the GT4 is running Wilwoods and I could swear it’s a smaller(!) disc up front.
  4. dgrace

    Henry Catchpole - Carfection review

    I wonder how much a little camber and toe out tweak could convince the Goodyears to turn in more aggressively, at the cost of a little extra tire wear.
  5. dgrace

    Emira Test Drive by Forum Member

    Question: were Sports and Tour noticably different in camber?
  6. dgrace

    Emira Test Drive by Forum Member

    This is the single most informative post in weeks. Thanks for sharing the info and photos!
  7. dgrace

    Message from Matt Windle regarding Emira delays

    Is Lotus still doing factory tours? Or have those all stopped?
  8. dgrace

    Look what turned up in my sleepy Oxfordshire village...

    Looks phenomenal in white. Should have been a launch color, maybe instead of SG.
  9. dgrace

    I'm out

    Definitely keep the 718 lest you end up with no fun car for all of 2023. 30k is nice, but not worth wasting a year of your life.
  10. dgrace

    I'm out

    I also suspect a bit of renewed interest from the folks who had been planning to get a Z06 under 90k, now that pricing has finally been announced.
  11. dgrace

    Is This For Real? BMW Charging to use heated seats?

    I'm still fuzzy on the input method. Do the cars all ship with buttons for heated seats that are just non-functional if you don't subscribe? Or have they moved all the controls to the touchscreen and there are no physical buttons?
  12. dgrace

    No FE fo me

    Just FYI from what I remember, Naples did get the most allocations, which I believe was 50 total FE's. Bellevue 45, Boardwalk 40, I don't remember the rest. But quite a few depositors dropped out over time so later depositors made the cut in some cases.
  13. dgrace

    Behind the scenes of the Evija advert

    I don't quite get why they create an advert for the Evija at all. Surely for a total market of 20 people worldwide there's a better targeted approach. (e.g. hand out swag at Davos or the Monaco F1 race) Would be nice if Lotus would concentrate more on actually building cars, but hey what do I...
  14. dgrace

    Is This For Real? BMW Charging to use heated seats?

    Maybe Lotus can install GPUs in the seatbacks instead of simple electrical coils. Then when you turn on the heated seats you also get some useless Lotus NFTs minted on your behalf.
  15. dgrace

    Factory Tour - Production watch!

    You're leaving out staff expenses. Keeping a few hundred people sitting around a factory polishing the robots waiting for parts gets expensive quick.
  16. dgrace

    Factory Tour - Production watch!

    So is _anything_ coming out of the factory at all? Or is it just a cash bonfire? I'm honestly curious how long Lotus can keep afloat without selling any cars.
  17. dgrace

    Factory Tour - Production watch!

    Has anyone done a factory tour since Goodwood? Have they built _ANY_ production cars yet? As far as I can tell now in the middle of July 2022 there are less than 20 Emiras produced worldwide all-time, and the factory is still sitting idle. But I'd love to be wrong.
  18. dgrace

    West Coast Lotus Meet 2022

    Hoping I'll have a Lotus by the 2023 event!