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    Goodwood - updates and info

    They must share the same customer relations department
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    Now that reviews are out is anyone having 2nd thoughts about Emira ?

    Why do you say it’s not true - you can see the video and time it yourself.
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    Here's what Lotus thinks about reviews!

    Fixed that for you.
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    Now that reviews are out is anyone having 2nd thoughts about Emira ?

    Matt Watson’s 5.3 second 0-60 is very concerning. I know everyone will find a reason to say it isn’t real or it doesn’t matter but… 4.3 was already slow, 5.3 in a car that looks like that is downright embarassing. I sure hope more data on this will be forthcoming and improved
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    Now that reviews are out is anyone having 2nd thoughts about Emira ?

    Second guessing. Waiting until new m2 is reviewed or maybe a spyder or z4
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    A brother from another mother? Maserati MC 20

    I prefer the MC20, but it's twice the price
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    Review embargo

    Alarm set and espresso machine filled
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    Those are very reasonable contrasts. It’s the carte blanche statements about how the M cars are not “real”sports cars when they go faster around the track that crack me up. Lotus are renowned for suspension and bmw most certainly not for steering. Those are well taken points
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    Full reviews incoming?

    The new version is so forced and contrived like a sad sitcom with laughtrack piped in. That’s why I don’t watch since they canned Clarkson who was and is the soul of the show
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    Full reviews incoming?

    Just keep hammering reload of this post - whoever posts the link first will be loved by all
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    How many crossed shopped the GT4?

    I think interior and build quality is likely on Porsches side but otherwise I agree
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    Seen 2 cars on the road Saturday alone

    I seen what u did there
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    People on this forum love to diss on M cars and the M2 in particular. I just point them to ring times vs the evora 🙄
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    Lotus Pizza Tracker?

    They could do this for factory pictures of colors and interior. It would be stuck at the first bar for over a year….
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    ❓ QUESTION Privacy Glass

    My wife has ceramic on her windshield (and all other windows) and I have normal tint. Her car is markedly cooler than mine to the point she doesn’t put up a sunblocker. I always put a reflective blocker (florida sun) and my car stays a lot cooler than before it was tinted, but not as much as...
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    Let's talk about the Emira's seats...

    Red on Red is definitely bold - can’t wait to see a picture of that!
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    Emira car covers coming soon...

    Lets see that under a foot of snow
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    Full reviews incoming?

    Can't even buy a 911 GT3 (or 718GTRS) here for list no matter how long you are willing to wait unless you are on the special VIP list (i.e. spent a fortune at the dealer already) or pay huge markups. I guess nice for you that you can actually get one for list but it's certainly not that way here.
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    Full reviews incoming?

    Auto writers need to stop comparing cars at “prices“ which are not realistic. Like they will say the GT4RS costs… or the GT3 costs…. Almost NOBODY can get a car at that price. So add the 50 or 100 grand to the real cost to get one and THEN compare.
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    Deposit down - 60 week wait! 1 year to lap it up

    What I mean is I put in a deposit almost 9 months ago and won’t be getting a FE car.