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  1. J

    August delivery dilemma (UK)

    I’ve just had confirmation that my car will be August delivery and I am wondering whether to defer delivery to September to get a 72 plate. The only consideration is really the potential impact (if any) on future value, I am not bothered about having the latest plate for snobbery/vanity. I am...
  2. J

    New series of Top Gear coming soon

    Advert just released on You Tube saying coming soon. No date given, but coming soon usually means about 2 weeks. Fingers crossed for an Emira review!
  3. J

    Dashcam for the Emira

    Is anyone thinking of getting a dashcam for their Emira? I had an AUTO-VOX V5PRO OEM Mirror Dash cam on my Evora 410 Sport and was really pleased with it as the view through the carbon fibre louvres was very restricted and it didn’t have a reversing camera fitted. This mirror came with a...
  4. J

    New member from Cheshire, UK

    I am currently driving an Evora 410 Sport (auto) in white, which I understand is quite a rare model. I have a deposit down on a FE Emira V6 auto and am looking forward to seeing the car at the Manchester Airport roadshow on 5th November. I think it is likely that I will be going for a magma red...