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  1. don4v4n

    Inflation and Emira pricing

    I have a feeling the pricing comment from Matt was specific to the FE cars already scheduled for production. Anything beyond will more than likely increase one way or another (Base or Options).
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    AutoTrader Review

  3. don4v4n

    Top Gear Photos with Chris Harris Track Testing

    But why??? So confused why they would do this so late in the game? Especially all the love for the VP cars. I'm really interested to see Henry Catchpole's Carfection review to see if he sways more like Chris or is in good but could be better camp?
  4. don4v4n

    Message from Matt Windle regarding Emira delays

    Yeah... That would explain zero communication to the USA on any delays. I'm crossing my fingers they are hoping they can catch up with the two shifts once supply issues start to get better?
  5. don4v4n

    Top Gear Photos with Chris Harris Track Testing

    Just thinking about things after watching this again... wasn't it pretty unanimous that everyone loved the Verification Prototypes over a month ago? Then come June 7th and the reviews were generally good, but kinda mixed... not 100%.... more 90%. Good, but could be better? My question is what...
  6. don4v4n

    Anyone received their 30 day notification yet?

    Hope we finally see one with Silver wheels!
  7. don4v4n

    New Dark Verdant car shown in China

    That looks amazing! Stance is perfect!
  8. don4v4n

    Emira event in Melbourne

    No different than Porsche.
  9. don4v4n

    Shadow Grey Lotus Emira Photo Thread

    I think it will be dependent on light. Direct sun will be really noticeable, but under clouds not so much. Regardless both ways will look awesome!
  10. don4v4n

    Shadow Grey Lotus Emira Photo Thread

    Some great angles in this vid! Glad I specced Shadow/Tan w/Black Pack... just need to see it with Silver wheels and that's my spec!
  11. don4v4n

    When are we going to see an Emira with Silver V-Spoke Forged Wheels???

    Anyone else concerned we still haven't seen these? And why?
  12. don4v4n

    OK. Be honest. Looks or Performance?

    I haven’t watched/seen the reviews yet… but judging by the feedback on here it’s a good thing the poll landed the way it did.
  13. don4v4n

    Nimbus Grey Emira Photo Thread

    Usually I would agree, but there are a few other photos without the yellow background and they all have the champagne/pewter looking hue.
  14. don4v4n

    Nimbus Grey Emira Photo Thread

    I agree with your POV. Too champagne looking for ME, but I'm glad others like it. 👍🏼
  15. don4v4n

    Shadow Grey Lotus Emira Photo Thread

    Lotus posted this on Instagram... I know it's a rehash or simple repost from earlier, but it's great motivation vid for us that ordered Shadow Grey!
  16. don4v4n

    Silver Forged wheels - photo simulation

    For the Black and Silver painted wheels note that the edges will be more rounded… versus the sharp edges you get from the diamond cut process.
  17. don4v4n

    Full reviews incoming?

    Keep in mind.... Just because they leave the factory perfect doesn't mean they will stay that way. Audi had this issue. Theirs stretched and sagged more and more over time.
  18. don4v4n

    Emira Wheel Gap Discussion

    There are a few of us new to the brand. A brand that is known for not having the highest quality standards prior to the Emira. Unlike the people in the UK and more likely elsewhere in the world, some of us were required to submit hefty non refundable deposits without any confirmation what we are...
  19. don4v4n

    Possible further delays

    IMHO... I optimistically disagree. As Tom has stated... kick off for the UK is delayed a month into July. USA original targets were based off one shift. They now have two shifts to catch up. As for the Supply issue... China is starting to slowly open back up and restraints should be less of an...
  20. don4v4n

    Emira Wheel Gap Discussion

    Exactly... if they are targeting Porsche and their customer base (myself included) they better be accurate. "What you see is what you get" shouldn't be that hard to accomplish. I guess Lotus standards aren't as high... that is the sense I get from everyone on here ...Or maybe Lotus forgot to...