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    Carbon expected when?

    Since I’ve been apparently been passed by FE (still no word from my dealer) I’m now consider waiting a bit. One of the things I liked a lot when I was looking at the Evora GT was the carbon roof 😍 and bits Is there any expectation of this being an option on Emira? Based on Evora history was...
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    PSA: The bookmark is your friend

    TLDR: bookmark and obsess. At first I could remember which threads had the best renders from @Eagle7 , but I've gotten overloaded as he's just amazingly generous. You probably all know this but in case you don't - hit the "bookmark" tag top right of an individual post within a thread, give it...
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    Order placed? : post your —FINAL— spec here

    Hope you’ll play along: if you’ve placed your final spec order, post a pic from the configurator here (or just list if you want). Fun to scroll through and see what people after all the mental machinations are actually ordering. Note: no ”I’ve put my first/second deposit” - this is final...
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    "bling my engine"

    So in case this offends anyone understand I'm not a lotus guy.... Went to the event and saw the Emira. I would say by far the most disappointing thing was that the mid-engine on display through the window looked a bit ... cheap? The hose clamps were kinda janky looking spring clamps, the air...
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    Manual transmission anxiety

    Background: I’ve never owned a Lotus. I’ve driven manual cars years (decade+) ago but none recently. I drive BMW cars for awhile now all standard auto (no dct). I’m apparently dyslexic in choosing what kind of cars I like because I really want an electric Taycan but I also am debating the...
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    Some videos of Emira release (non-blue model) I found today

    One of the darker colors: This looks like a bit better experience than is being described by our English friends today…. Exhaust sound: same car?
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    Can the Emira be PPF treated?

    Never had a car with PPF before but am planning. However I’m not at all sure how it can be treated with all the curved air ducts etc. I can’t imagine how a single film would be able to fit. Would it end up with a bunch of cut lines? Anyone with expertise, please chime in.
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    Website question - latest thread watch

    So my typical workflow here is to load the New posts page and then read all the threads in that page. Most other forums I read have a clickable icon or field somewhere that takes you to the latest unread message within a thread. However I'm not finding that here - I typically am clicking on...