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    Message from Matt Windle regarding Emira delays

    It may not even be a full set on that car, we only saw one side - could have had those strange orange/red wheels (2:48 on the video) on the other side!:ROFLMAO:
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    Message from Matt Windle regarding Emira delays

    Oh no! Don't say that, I've got silver wheels in my spec along with the auto box. Next you be telling me that the unobtainium that they use to make privacy glass is on back order:ROFLMAO:
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    Message from Matt Windle regarding Emira delays

    I am V6 auto with delivery originally in July, but changed in the last Lotus update to build in July delivery August. I was wondering if anyone has any info on the auto delay. I did read in another thread that one of the Lotus retailers drove an IPS on their briefing day, so they must have made...
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    Message from Matt Windle regarding Emira delays

    ... and red callipers. If it is an auto, it is my spec, it could be mine!
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    Test drives and final stage of buying process for UK July delivery batch

    I feel the same as Tom, very disappointed with the whole buying journey. I did realise that the customer experience was going to be dreadful when I met one of the Lotus senior team at the launch last November at Manchester Airport. I decided then that I wanted the car and would have to put up...
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    August delivery dilemma (UK)

    I’ve just had confirmation that my car will be August delivery and I am wondering whether to defer delivery to September to get a 72 plate. The only consideration is really the potential impact (if any) on future value, I am not bothered about having the latest plate for snobbery/vanity. I am...
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    Phone call from Lotus

    If all the cars go via Oxford, what are the dealers (retailers) actually doing other than giving you the keys?
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    Phone call from Lotus

    It's a pity that Oxford is not an option for collection. I think that my delivery choice will be dictated by whichever is the quickest method of actually getting the car. Hope that the full tank of fuel doesn't come from the local supermarket in Oxford!
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    New series of Top Gear coming soon

    Advert just released on You Tube saying coming soon. No date given, but coming soon usually means about 2 weeks. Fingers crossed for an Emira review!
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    ❓ QUESTION List of Serviceability Concerns

    I just hope that my local service centre will have sufficient resources to be able to carry out any work required in a timely manner with more cars for them to deal with. My experience with my Evora 410 Sport was anything between six and eight weeks to get it seen for various warning lights...
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    Lotus in the Peak 8-10 July Derbyshire - event thread

    I will be there hopefully with my Emira, but as I am July delivery who knows! If I am in the Emira, my spec is Nimbus Grey, red leather, red callipers, silver wheels, black pack and auto gearbox. If the Emira has not arrived, I will be in my 65 plate Ford Fiesta which I will park out of view of...
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    ❓ QUESTION Insurance Question

    Sounds a very good price. I just did the same quote for interest and best price was £325. That was with full NCB, no accidents or convictions, social use only as I am retired, aged 58 and live in a low crime area. This was similar to the actual price I paid last year for my Evora 410 Sport...
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    Vagueness as usual

    I have said in other threads that I soon realised when I met a senior Lotus Executive at the Manchester Airport roadshow that the customer experience of buying this car was going to be truly dreadful. I decided that I wanted the car and that I had no choice but to accept this. I suppose it...
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    Dashcam for the Emira

    No, the OEM fitting doesn't fit, but it is a straightforward process to get the one needed. If you purchase through Amazon, you use the ask the seller a question feature to contact them. You send a photo of the bracket on the window and they send you the necessary adaptor. I recall that the...
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    Dashcam for the Emira

    Is anyone thinking of getting a dashcam for their Emira? I had an AUTO-VOX V5PRO OEM Mirror Dash cam on my Evora 410 Sport and was really pleased with it as the view through the carbon fibre louvres was very restricted and it didn’t have a reversing camera fitted. This mirror came with a...